The Seamless Garment…

what it is and isn’t, is being discussed over at the Register.

"I'd say that technology per se, and the aesthetics of that technology, are not as ..."

Is Technology Morally Neutral?
"I'm reminded of Russell Hittinger's essay "Christopher Dawson on Technology and the Demise of Liberalism":https://www.catholiceducati...Hittinger's ..."

Is Technology Morally Neutral?
"I'd agree with that. And it does seem to be an aspect of Mark's article.But ..."

Is Technology Morally Neutral?
"Ken - I think Mark's point is that a thing like an assault rifle (like ..."

Is Technology Morally Neutral?

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  • BillyT92679

    Speaking of the Register, I am so tired of Pat Archbold’s blog posts. I don’t mean to be a hardass about the guy, but it just feels at best paranoid, and at worst horrendously critical of the Roman Pontiff. I see a lot of the same stuff at Fr. Longenecker’s combox (though Father is better at being more level-headed) I don’t see this stuff even at Father Z’s, he has no patience for it, and his traditionalists commenters seem for the most part sane.

    Then again it’s my fault for clicking on them.

    • Marthe Lépine

      I agree, come Catholic writers can be annoying, as much as some ones, I guess. That is one reason I almost never read “your” Register, except when Mark has a link to it. On the other hand, when I mentioned something along these line to my parish priest, he suggested, rightly I think, that I should pay more attention to “our” Catholic Register… (which I had never thought about) To find more, please go to and take a look at the Canadian Catholic Register. There is hardly any politics in it…Of course, some of the local stuff will not be very interesting to you, but it does have some good coverage.

      • Marthe Lépine

        Sorry, some of the hazards of “cut & paste”. The second line should begin with “non-Catholic one, I guess.” My cursor had moved without my knowledge.

      • IRVCath

        America is a nation obsessed with politics in the way that Argentines are obsessed with soccer. A wag once said that here, even the illiterate know how to conduct a local election campaign.