By the time Hitler was my age…

…he had ignited a world war that destroyed Europe, brought Germany to ruin, and killed millions. I just don’t feel like I’ve accomplished all that much.

On the bright side, another 10 days and I will have outlived him.

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  • Andrew Brew

    Happy birthday, Mark.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein when she was 18. S.E. Hinton wrote The Outsiders when she was 15. Man am I inadequate. On the other hand, Tolkien was still tinkering with The Silmarillion on the day he died. Maybe we’ll get the full, finished, authorized version in Heaven?

  • Irksome1

    Hitler is so cliché. Why not point out that you’ve already outlived Rasputin?

  • Drusilla Barron

    Happy Birthday, Mark.

  • jeanvaljean24601

    Nice of you to Begin with Godwin’s Law, rather than waiting around. :)

  • Lori Pieper

    I’ve already outlived Hitler and Rasputin, so I should feel pretty good. Actually, I feel really weird.

    A belated Happy Birthday, Mark!