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"...all saying and recommending the same thing.Or similar things, in any case, whether the FCMP ..."

The Trump-Protecting Anti-Trumper
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The Trump-Protecting Anti-Trumper
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The Trump-Protecting Anti-Trumper
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  • That is some impressive CGI! However, they wouldn’t be able to do this with the 1701-D. In the words of Captain Picard, “Lasers can’t even penetrate our navigation shields.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msalMcmMYWg

  • freddy

    Love this! Most impressive.
    Actually, I remember when this happened. Then people were all like, “Why don’t we use the Death Star to patrol our borders?” and “Why don’t we use the Death Star on Hamas and ISIS?” and then they cut the funding and never finished it so we could have affordable healthcare and now teenagers just use it for target practice in their T-16’s. It’s now such and eyesore that even Detroit complains about it hanging around in the sky.