Hey Salem, OR and environs! A reader needs work!

I have a reader who lost her daughter in April and is struggling financially with funeral costs, among other things.  She’s looking for work and could really use a) our prayers and b) a job.  If somebody in your neck of the woods could help her out, it would be fantastic.  She doesn’t have a Gofundme set up (though people have suggested it).  If she does set on up, I’ll mention it in this space.  But the main thing she wants and needs is work.  If you are in Salem or parts nearby and you have something for her, mention it in the combox.  I will tell her to keep an eye on it and help you connect.

Thanks, you guys, for all your phenomenal generosity over the years.  You guys are the best!

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  • Lucy

    What are her qualification/experience?