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Andrew McCabe’s Statement on His Firing

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  • Julie F (@jfount)

    I don’t think that link is working… here’s the direct link to the funding site: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-imagine-sisters-movement–2

    I’m not involved in the campaign at all (except as a donor) but I really hope people are generous. I think Imagine Sisters does such a simple and vital and needed thing. What other effort is there to encourage young women to honestly engage with the possibility of religious life for themselves, using the kinds of imagery and social media messaging that actually will reach teens and college students? Heck, I’m 28 and while I’ve always been “religious” and had respect for nuns and their work, Imagine Sisters has managed to inject a lot of real joy and love into my understanding of religious life. If Imagine Sisters has to stop their work (or limp along – and we all know that can be just as bad as stopping), it will be a real loss to all of us. Whereas the plans they’ve outlined if they get the funding seem really spot-on! The more college campuses and high schools Imagine Sisters is able to reach, the better for the whole church. That’s my two cents, anyway. I hope others will chip in their two cents for the good of this work as well!