The NRA: Working to Ensure Maximum Slaughter

Every year about 33-34,000 people are slaughtered with guns.  One of them, last year, was an eight year old girl named MaKayla Dyer.  She was slaughtered by an 11 year old neighbor bully who wanted to see her puppies.  When she refused, he went and got Dad’s shotgun, took aim at her heart out the window, and killed her in cold blood.

Normal people, attempting to stop such needless slaughter, propose “MaKayla’s Law”, which demands that parents safely store their weapons when kids are around.

Obviously a good law, right?

NO, says the NRA, making sure that the whole world sucks just a little bit more and the maximum number of people are needlessly killed so that gun industry profits can swell like an engorged tick.

People are puzzled what I mean by the “Gun Cult”.  It’s simple: if preventing the slaughter of human beings made in the image and likeness of God means less to you than your idol the gun, you are a member of the Gun Cult.  If you first and last response to the slaughteer of a little girl is not, “What can we do to prevent this?” but “Don’t touch my gun!” you are a member of the Gun Cult.


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