A couple of days ago I was being chewed out for praying for Castro because he was a butcher

It seems Trump called him a butcher too and that means I’m associated with Trump and since Trump is the locus of all evil in the universe I now have Trump cooties.

Meh.  Castro was a butcher.  God have mercy on his wretched soul.

But what’s that I hear?  I prayed for Castro’s soul when I should be rejoicing he is in hell?

Yes.  That’s today’s complaint.  My grave sin of hoping for the salvation of a sinner when I should be hoping for his eternal damnation or, better still, certain of his eternal damnation.  Evidently the discussion today is all about whether Jesus really died for Castro’s sins since he was an atheist.  Side discussions include whether Real Catholics[TM] have an obligation to love people like Castro.

Lefties: Blind to cold-blooded murder when the correct people do it.

Real Catholics[TM]: Vigilantly on guard against the mortal sins of faith, hope, and charity.


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