Bill Doino, Jr. on the Beeb’s Apology for Sliming Pius XII

He writes:

Please note link below– progress on the Pius XII front—the BBC has, to its credit, acknowledged and corrected its own report, which badly misrepresented Pius XII’s actions and the wartime Catholic Church during the Holocaust.

—many of us had documented this widespread bias 15 years ago, around the time John Cornwell’s (now) discredited Hitler’s Pope appeared—and have kept pressing that point, especially as new and compelling evidence continues to emerge in PP’s favor– now, major secular news outlets are finally coming around to a more balanced appraisal.

–this is most encouraging, and I’m sure my late friend, the eminent British historian Sir Martin Gilbert, (whom I paid tribute to here), and who was a leader in helping reverse this prejudice, would be quite pleased—Sincerely, WD

Note link to BBC correction here.

Bill has a piece in the Catholic Herald about the retraction here.

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