The Collision between the Church’s Mission…

…and the need to defend Trump.

So here’s a story about a non-Christian guy who has found himself deeply attracted to Jesus Christ, the Catholic faith and the Holy Father who lives out His gospel in such an attractive and powerful way. Indeed, he describes himself–a Jewish guy, mind you, as “falling in love with Jesus Christ.” Catholics should be thrilled to see one of the ninety and nine heading back to the fold.

But here’s the thing: he recognizes the obvious fact that there is a deep hostility from both Trump and his fanboi toward the Holy Father and all he represents.

The sane thing, of course, is for Catholics to encourage such a man to stick with the teaching of the Holy Father and continue to draw closer to Jesus. Will we? I wish I could say the answer is obvious, but I have little doubt that the response of many Catholics will be to circle the wagons around Trump and respond to Garfield as though he is an enemy, not a seeker of Jesus Christ.

And that is why my heart is constantly broken these days.

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