Mohamed Bezek takes in dying foster children

…because nobody should have to die alone. A beautiful story of a man devoted to the care of the least of these.

My assumption is that he would identify as a Muslim. But it is obvious that he is, at some level, empowered by the Holy Spirit. People like this are the reason that attempts to pigeonhole purely by ecclesiological categories break down Christ commands us not to judge. Both the sheep and the goats are surprised by the King’s verdict in the parable. Neither were conscious of the fact that they were loving/hating the King in how they treated the least of these.

There’s more to salvation than merely flying your Team Jesus flag. Don’t get me wrong: a public proclamation of Christ is wonderful and Jesus says not to be ashamed of him. But we just don’t know what’s going on in the work of the Spirit in hearts that, for whatever reason, don’t have access to information about him, or a garbled story, or are traumatized by encounters with bad Christians, or whatever. The Holy Spirit is subtle, persistent, and will find a way. He is as relentless as the surf. As relentless as the surf. As relentless as the surf.

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