Michael Gerson on the Appalling Idolatry of the Religious Right

Michael Gerson on the Appalling Idolatry of the Religious Right October 17, 2017


“There is more at stake here than bad politics. When Christians ally their faith with bias and exclusion, they are influencing how the public views Christianity itself. They are associating the teachings of Jesus Christ — a globalist when it came to the Great Commission — with ethnonationalist ideology. This should be a sobering prospect for any Christian. But few seem sobered. Instead, the faithful give standing ovations to the purveyors of division and prejudice.When anyone or anything takes priority over the faith, there is a good, strong religious word for it: idolatry. And the word is unavoidable, as religious conservatives carry their golden calf into Bannon’s battles.”

The Religious Right has nothing left to do but repent or face the judgment of Almighty God.  That judgment, as always, will be mercy.  But the mercy of God is a severe and terrible thing sometimes.

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