Prolife Democrat Lipinski beats prochoice Dem

Prolife Democrat Lipinski beats prochoice Dem March 21, 2018

The idea that Dems are all lockstep pro-choice zealots took a beating yesterday as Dan Lipinski won out over an attempt to crush the prolife witness in Democrat ranks.

One wonders if the Dems will learn anything from this.

Meanwhile in the freak show that is now the Party of Trump, the Republican winner was an actual bona fide genuine Nazi.

No.  I’m not violating Godwin’s Law.  The guy really is a Nazi.

He tried five times to get the nomination, but now, in the Year of Our Trump, he felt the winds of change were finally with him and he made it!  What a signature victory for the GOP, which has fielded a number of freakishly awful people since that is what its base of racist orcs love.  In addition to Jones, we have people like the criminal Arpaio in Arizona and the bizarre anti-semite Nehlen in Wisconsin.  And in Kentucky a GOP candidate suggested shooting his opponent for failure to be devoted to the Gun Cult.

I look forward to commencing the electoral destruction of the GOP freak show and I congratulate Mr. Lipinski on his chance to kick a Nazi’s ass this fall.

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