There is a wave of terrorism targeting people of color in Austin

A series of bombings has killed several members of the minority community in Austin.

It looks for all the world like a campaign of white racist terrorism.

But the Trump Administration does not believe in white racist terrorism. That is why he described Nazi terrorists who killed a woman at Charlottesville as “very fine people“.  That is why he cut funding to fight white racist terrorism.

And that is why a man who could find time to call black people who peacefully take a knee “sons of bitches” has said the following about the wave of terrorism engulfing Austin:

” ” – Donald Trump

Christianists have likewise expressed their interest and concern for white racist violence by stating clearly:

” ” – Franklin Graham

” ” – Tony Perkins

” ” – Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Jeff Sessions, our nation’s highest law officer, swiftly swung into action, stating firmly, ” “.

The people doing this know they have friends in high places.

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