The Umpteenth Iteration of “You Made Me This Way” from the Party of Personal Responsibility

Yet another member of the Party of Personal Responsibility explains why mean Lefties are making her support a lying con man who kidnaps children and cages them away from their parents out of pure, vindictive, sadistic, spiteful cruelty. She just has to because the enemy of her enemy is her friend.

The whole world has to organize around the hurt feels of offended white people.

News flash: There is not, in fact, moral parity between people who support Trump because they enjoy spiting Robert DeNiro and some swanky Tony Awards attendees and those who oppose him because they are horrified by the kidnapping and caging of innocent children.

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We currently have 11,000 children interned.  It’s a new wrinkle for the largest gulag on planet Earth here in the land of the free.  Catholic bishops are speaking out against this outrage.  The Greatest Catholics of All Time, meanwhile, are whining and moaning that the bishops do not speak out against the clearly morally equivalent meanness of making fun of Trump’s hair or whatever other triviality butthurt whites want to pity themselves over this week.  Because when you are obviously, plainly, and visible-from-space on the wrong side of a moral issue in the Party of Personal Responsibility, your sole option is to lie that you are morally equivalent to your enemy.  Because Samantha Bee saying a mean word and apologizing is just as bad as this:

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