Here’s a hopeful sign!

A guy named Jon Crane writes:

I handle PR for Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty (CCATDP).

The nationwide trend of conservative Republicans re-thinking capital punishment continues and conservative Catholics are very involved.

The most recent example comes from New Hampshire where both houses of the Republican-controlled state legislature passed a death penalty repeal bill during this year’s legislative session. Conservative Catholic lawmakers were at the forefront of that historic vote.

The latest annual Gallup Poll showed a 10-point drop in GOP death penalty support year-to-year nationwide and a report from CCATDP shows a significant increase in Republican state legislators opposing the death penalty.

The report can be found at this link:

At the grassroots level, there are now eleven CCATDP state-based groups (Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Utah, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Montana, Washington, and Nebraska). Catholics are deeply involved with each state-based group.

Finally, the founding supporter of CCATDP is a prominent conservative Catholic, Richard Viguerie, as is the founder of the very first CCATDP group in Montana, now former state Sen. Roy Brown.

An increasing number of conservative Catholics on the national and local level who believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a consistent life ethic, are re-thinking capital punishment.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

Excellent!  This, and not foolish “Catholic defenses of the death penalty” is the obvious way for Catholics, pro-life people, and America to go.  Keeping America on a list that essentially includes only Communist butchers and Islamic despotisms, all in defiance of the clear teaching of the Church and the consensus of the civilized world is massively stupid.

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