Horror Frogs: Weird News from the World of Nature Presumably the frogs see nothing horrible about themselves. Nor, apparently, does their Maker. But humans are incorrigible aesthetes who constantly muddle their aesthetic impression with their moral ones. That tendency to muddle morality and aesthetics, by the way, was a useful opportunity for divine catechesis. For [Read More…]


Gay Brownshirts on the March Now fortified with new and improved Tyrannical State Power to Persecute the Church! Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! [Read more…]


Catholic Pastor Reports from Gaza Fortunately, it’s published by a source with the wrong tribal affiliations, so it can be totally ignored. [Read more…]


Man With Black Hat Evaluates Past New Year’s Resolutions …inspiring me to resolve never to make New Year’s Resolutions. [Read more…]


Catholic Bloggers Respond to Kmiec’s Self-Pitying Sleight of Hand I look forward to the day the Church establishes the Feast of St. Doug Kmiec and the ASCII Martyrs. Now, if you please, Mr. Kmiec: address the substantive critiques of your preposterous endorsement of Obama. [Read more…]


A reader writes: My 89 year old Mom, Aurea, who broke her hip last March has been having ups & downs with health since. She’s been having some cognitive issues especially but right now is having other problems & isn’t doing very well. She had a great day yesterday but today she’s not doing well [Read More…]


This is the Sort of Thing that Would Warm Tom Kreitzberg’s Heart “Preach the gospel at all times; use graphs when possible.” – Tom Kreitzberg [Read more…]


An Unreflective Man Yup. A hurricane of destruction for American conservatism and a catastrophically bad President. But he feels good about himself like every member of Generation Narcissus should. [Read more…]


Principal American Religion Found to be Consumerism CAEI: Boiling things down so you don’t have to. Or, to size up the American religious, social and political scene more concisely: “Every one who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house upon the sand; [Read More…]


“Religion as a means to a political end is a fascinating study.” That’s one way of putting it. Another, more accurate way, of saying the same thing is “Idolatry is a fascinating study.” The Left is finally starting to figure out how to exploit religion in the US rather than simply despise it. That’s a [Read More…]