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Santo Subito!

Fr. Jacques Hamel ordered “Begone, Satan!” as his killers attacked. Watching the beautiful response of the French, both Christian and Muslim, to this heroic priest, I’m beginning to think ISIS may have unleashed a very powerful intercessor  against themselves in the heavenly host.  This is the way of it in the Kingdom.  Evil destroys itself [Read More…]

You may be tough, but are you Sr. Blandina Segale Tough?

Badassest nun of the Old West is being proposed for canonization: The Italian born Segale, a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati, came to Trinidad, Colorado, in 1877 to teach poor children. After being transferred to Santa Fe, she co-founded public and Catholic schools, worked with the poor and sick, and advocated on behalf of Hispanics [Read More…]

The Atlantic has a piece calling for Chesterton’s canonization

Anything that starts this way: If the Catholic Church makes G. K. Chesterton a saint—as an influential group of Catholics is proposing it should—the story of his enormous coffin may become rather significant. Symbolic, even parabolic. Chesterton’s coffin was too huge, you see, to be carried down the stairs of his house in Beaconsfield, its occupant [Read More…]

Dale Ahlquist Replies…

… to the silly Puritan attempt to deny the sanctity of Chesterton based on his enjoyment of food and drink. Shouting “Fatso!” is a curiously favored tactic of two classes of people in my experience: Reactionaries and schoolyard children.  I don’t know why somebody would use it to try to stop the no-brainer belief that [Read More…]

Eileen Archer

Helena Theresa Athy Archer BELLEVUE Helena Archer, a member of St. Madeleine Sophie Parish, died July 17. She was 90. She was born in County Mayo, Ireland.  She worked as a beauty consultant, and lived in Washington state for the past 11 years. She was preceded in death by her husband, Denis. She is survived [Read More…]

I love Lino Rulli

Santo Subito! American author calls for his own Sainthood, now Ahead of John Paul II, popular SIRIUS/XM radio host desires canonization ATLANTA, Sept. 4, 2013 – Widely known for his wit and humor as the host of “The Catholic Guy” on SiriusXM Radio, Lino Rulli believes that, like Pope John Paul II, his own Cause [Read More…]

First Things Indulges in a Little Gratuitous Chesterton Bashing

…in a piece that takes various Chesterton quotations that generally preserve quite a lot of common sense and then subjects them to flat-footed heckling for no particular reason other than being contrarian and jerkish. Much of the heckling works if you are into that sort of thing, sort of like a 13 year old’s heckling [Read More…]

Reflecting on Last Week

I’ve been pondering last week and trying to understand the reactions to my remarks about Perry Lorenzo, as well as the curious disconnects between me and some readers (and several strangers) have sort of fractalled off into space. I am, for instance, rather astonished that I could begin the week registering my intense dislike of [Read More…]

My friend Marcus Daly…

has a line of work people are dying to get into: If you’ve longed for that simple JPII pine box funeral (without the global media coverage, immense liturgy, and hundreds of heads of state, dignitaries, bishops, priests and an audience shouting “Santo Subito!”) Marcus is your go to guy for the pine box part. You [Read More…]


…something else is happening this weekend in addition to the Royal Wedding. Some sort of religious thing in Rome about a figure who was important to a couple of people a few years ago. Can’t remember his name. Santo subito! [Read more…]