You may be tough, but are you Sr. Blandina Segale Tough?

You may be tough, but are you Sr. Blandina Segale Tough? November 30, 2015

Badassest nun of the Old West is being proposed for canonization:

The Italian born Segale, a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati, came to Trinidad, Colorado, in 1877 to teach poor children. After being transferred to Santa Fe, she co-founded public and Catholic schools, worked with the poor and sick, and advocated on behalf of Hispanics and Native Americans who were losing their land to swindlers. During her many years working in the West, she met with the leaders of the Apache and Comanche tribes.

Her most famous encounter, however, was said to have occurred between herself and the outlaw, Billy the Kid.

According to the Associated Press, she allegedly received a tip one day that the gunslinger was coming to town to scalp four doctors who had refused to treat a friend’s gunshot wound. Segale nursed the friend back to health and when Billy came to Trinidad to thank her, she convinced him to abandon his violent plans.

As the Sisters report on their website, “Stories abound of how she calmed mobs of armed men from taking the law into their own hands, helped criminals seek forgiveness from their victims, and even saved a man from a hanging party by facilitating reconciliation between him and the man he shot before he died. Her adventures were also the subject of have been featured in novels, television programs, histories, and a comic book. In 1966 her story of bravery was told in a CBS series Death Valley Days episode, The Fastest Nun in the West, where she faced down the barrels of guns to find justice.”

Faced down Billy the Kid, stopped a lynching, subject of a comic book and a Death Valley Days episode.  Good enough for me.  Santo Subito!  Lock, stock, and two smoking censers!

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