Katharien Drexel, the Millionaire Saint

Today marks the Feast of St. Katharine Drexel (1858-1955), foundress of a religious community. A Philadelphia heiress, she was educated by tutors at home and traveled extensively as a young girl. After her parents’ death, she decided to use her sizeable inheritance in the interests of the Church. She was particularly interested in ministering to [Read More...]

America’s First Polish Cardinal

Today marks the death of John Krol (1910-1996), the first Polish-American Cardinal. Born in Cleveland to Polish immigrants, he was managing a supermarket when a Protestant co-worker stumped him in a theological argument. The experience inspired him to launch on a personal study of Catholicism that led to his being ordained a priest for the [Read More...]

America’s First Polish Bishop

Today marks the death of Paul Rhode (1870-1945), the first Pole to be named a Roman Catholic Bishop in the United States. Born in Werowo, an area of Poland under Prussian rule, he came to Chicago with his family at age nine. By the turn of the century Chicago had more Poles than Warsaw. Rode’s [Read More...]