St. Joseph’s Church, Brooklyn

Since March is dedicated to St. Joseph, this is a good chance to highlight a local parish dedicated in his name. St. Joseph parish, located in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights section, was founded in 1853 to meet the needs of Irish immigrants flocking to the area in large numbers. Soon it became what today we call [Read More...]

“The poor Wretches, fingering their Beads, chanting Latin”

John Adams wasn’t the biggest fan of the Catholic Church, but there was something he found undeniably fascinating about it. In October 1774, while he was in Philadelphia on Continental Congress business, he stopped in to visit an unspecified Catholic Church. He wrote about the experience to his wife Abigail: This afternoon, led by Curiosity [Read More...]

The Irish and American Catholicism

Much of the Catholic growth in nineteenth century America was due to Irish numbers and Irish leadership. Father John Lancaster Spalding, a future Bishop of Peoria and the driving force behind the founding of The Catholic University of America, had this to say in his 1880 book The Religious Mission of the Irish People: The [Read More...]