Fordham Grad Leads Hunt for Lincoln Assassin

Tomorrow marks the death of General James Rowan O’Beirne (1844-1917), Civil War general and public official. Born in Roscommon, he emigrated to America as a child and graduated from St. John’s College (now Fordham University) before the war. During the war he served in the Eastern Theater, winning the Medal of Honor for bravey at [Read More...]

Lincolns Attend Parish Fundraiser on White House Lawn

In 1864, at the height of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary spent the Fourth of July at a parish fundraiser held on the White House lawn. A few weeks earlier Gabriel Coakley, an African-American Catholic, walked into the White House to see President about the picnic. Morris McGregor, the parish [Read More...]

“Champion of the Colored Race”

Today marks the death of Father Stephen Eckert (1869-1923), a Capuchin priest dedicated to working with the Black community. Born John Eckert to German immigrants in Ontario, he took the name Stephen when he joined the Capuchins in Detroit. He was ordained in 1896. Assigned to parishes in New York, he established a reputation for [Read More...]