First draft of my 2014 #WildGoose set

I need your help if you’re willing to listen to 45 minutes of music while you’re at work or at the gym this week. I am going to be collaborating with my favorite Pentecostal preacher Jonathan Martin at the Wild Goose Festival this year. We’re calling it a “rave sermon.” Jonathan will preach while I lay down the beats. The genre is more or less progressive trance with my own weird, not very trend-savvy idiosyncrasies and attention deficit problems. I have prepared a first draft of what I plan to play behind Jonathan’s sermon. I’ve deliberately left out some bells and whistles that I will be adding into the song live so if some of the transitions sound barren, you’ll just have to come to Wild Goose to hear the real thing! Can you PLEASE listen to the mp3 here and/or download it and play it to help me weed out any annoying distractions? You don’t need to be a music theory expert to do this. Basically, the rule of thumb is this: if you don’t notice the song but it becomes seamlessly integrated into your background soundtrack, then it’s going well. It’s when the song sticks out like a sore thumb that something needs to be changed. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Ian Rankine

    Thanks for opening this up to your blog readers. 1 question – Have you based this on something that Jonathan has already written or will he be riffing based on the music?

    • MorganGuyton

      He will riff based on the music.