Sarah Heath’s contagious love


If you’re a super nerdy Methodist and you know about the production Chuck Knows Church, you might be familiar with a series they did called “The Committee.” It’s a story about a dying church that puts together a committee to try to revitalize the church. It’s corny in the adorable way that all official United Methodist Church productions are. They put out a call throughout the country for churches to nominate a new pastor to revitalize the fictitious Park Grove Community Church in the last episode. Sarah Heath, Costa Mesa First United Methodist Church in Costa Mesa, California, was the one who got picked.

If I could pick a voice for all United Methodists to listen to in a very difficult, divisive season, it would be Sarah Heath. Her contagious love makes me oddly hopeful that somehow the United Methodist Church is going to be all right. She’s way more gracious than I’ve ever managed to be. And she definitely doesn’t want to see the church split up because she thinks we all lose if we’re in a church with only people who think like us. I was able to interview Sarah as my second interview from the Wild Goose Festival this summer. So if you’re feeling down about our church, let Sarah cheer you up!

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