80 degrees, cool breeze, breakfast tacos: a list

It’s Thankful Tuesday!

A List:

  • Eighty degrees and a cool breeze! My baby sleeping on me outside in the shade while my husband and little boy laugh and make up games in the apartment complex pool. A holiday and we’re all home together.
  • Time to read and hear the Psalms.
  • Breakfast tacos in Austin, Texas. This is breakfast taco heaven.
  • A 3-year-old who’s over wearing shirts to bed. Plaid pajama pants and that skinny-tan little boy chest? Be still, heart.
  • Did I mention coffee and breakfast tacos by the pool? Baby against me? 80 degrees? Thankful.
  • I’ve decided I”m going to start a series called: “Wise things Chris says to me in the car.” Love that guy.
  • August’s number one requested song in the car this week? “Rock me Mama!” (It’s actually called “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show. I like that so much better than Veggie Tails “Action Songs”!
  • 3 more apartment days and we move into our new home on Friday! I’m so thankful for this temporary home. And I’m so thankful to see and hold and cook with all my kitchen stuff. It’s been a long time, sharp knives.
  • I shocked myself yesterday when I realized that I believe wholeheartedly that God has something beautiful for us in Austin. I didn’t even doubt it. Still don’t. Isn’t that good?
  • A church that’s orthodox Anglican, with Kenyan liturgy (!), lots of families, single people and old people, including a lovely elderly woman named Bebe (she wouldn’t let me call her Mrs. Smith), who talked to me for 10 minutes Sunday morning. An authentically welcoming group of people. We’re in, Christ Church.
  • The Tree that Survived the Winter, sent (out of the blue!) to me last week from my friend Amanda, with the instructions: “Read aloud.” So beautiful I sighed. (This sighing also occurred while sitting outside in 80 degrees with a baby sleeping on me, while I ate breakfast tacos and drank coffee.)
  • Psalm 92: A God who declares to us his: “steadfast love in the morning, and his faithfulness by night…”
  • A tiny Ikea pencil and torn envelope in my bag so I could make this list while sitting outside by the pool with a breakfast taco on a holiday morning.
What are you thankful for? 
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