Of course it’s Thankful Tuesday!

The past week has not been an easy one. There was the destruction of my laptop, then four days of a vomiting, whiny 3-year-old, then I got sick (and am still recovering). Last night my husband said, “Do you even have anything to write for Thankful Tuesday?”

I scoffed! How dare he?!

There are plenty:

  • Night driving after meeting with my college freshman girls Bible study, listening to She & Him. I’ve forgotten how lovely it can be to be alone in the car with a good song on and a bright moon.
  • How August is learning to entertain his brother. They have the sweetest budding friendship.
  • The promise of grilled veggies on our early Christmas present from my mother-in-law. (Thanks for the grill, Basia!)
  • Brooksie’s ecstatic joy in the bathtub. (Such happiness that I’m sure his bouncy bottom is going to shoot him face-first into the water at any moment.)
  • August had a blood test yesterday. Shots are one thing, but having someone take a vile of blood from a three years alive arm is something utterly more heart-churning. He screamed the whole time while I sang in his ear and cried. (I couldn’t help it.) Sometimes I shocked at how much I love him, how his pain can hurt me, how easy it is to hold him over the toilet while he pukes, or clean his vomit-soaked sheets. I’m thankful for that. For mother-love: for that guttural, physical love for my boys in me.
  • August told the doctor yesterday that I had a BIG stomach and I didn’t believe him. That’s worth being thankful about, right?
  • Eating pizza with college freshmen and talking about John 1 with them. How I love John, chapter 1. Such poetry and drama and Jesus (some of my favorite things)!
  • Soy cheese on a pizza really doesn’t taste that bad!
  • Soy cheese on a breakfast taco really doesn’t taste that bad!
  • I ate really well Sunday.
  • What does my oldest son want to be for Halloween? His ideas include: a finger, a window, a door, a tooth, a germ, or pancakes. Where did that brain come from??? I love him and I’m so thankful he’s “unique.”
  • Late nights beside my husband on the couch. This is a good life.

And you? What are you thankful for?

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