Milk, Pumpkins and Neighbors: A Thankful Tuesday List

  • My baby learning how to sign “milk” (his arm goes straight up in the air and then he squeezes his hand open and shut…it’s the cutest thing ever) just in time for his 7-month birthday! His “milk milk milk milk” was clear as day and was accompanied by staring anxiously at me as Chris held him. I was in shock. His first word!
  • My husband and son carving a pumpkin on the back deck, talking about volcanoes and imaginary friends and big pumpkin teeth.
  • Restful weekends with friends stopping by.
  • Though we couldn’t go with our church on the retreat this past weekend, we joined them Sunday morning for baptisms in the lake and communion under the shade of some trees. Beautiful, encouraging, moving. Plus, August asked Chris if our pastor in the water was Jesus! Good question.
  • Listening to Chris and August’s bedtime discussions of “how things work.” It’s become a nightly ritual. Last night: vacuums and microscopes.
  • Self-discipline! I went to the YMCA at 6 yesterday morning. And I just might do it again on Thankful Tuesday! I’m thankful for new routines, sore stomach muscles and the sweetness of alone time.
  • My husband having a bike so I don’t have to drive him to work/pick him up!
  • Neighbors who sit on quilts in the grass and invite us to join them.
  • Being able to go to my Alma Mater’s Homecoming just in time for my 10-year reunion this coming weekend. Fun times.
  • A little boy who is learning to say Yes more than he says No.
  • A mama who is learning to say Yes more than she says No.
  • A Thankful Tuesday forecasted high of 77 in Austin! Yay for pants! (Can you believe I’m saying that after all that complaining in SF?)
  • Candy corn, fall-scented candles, butternut squash for dinner, matching brothers in glow-in-the-dark skeleton jammies, and August throwing leaves with his new friend Ruby.

It’s Thankful Tuesday. Are you as thankful for pumpkins as I am?

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