…because they are so grateful

  • Finding this on Ann Voskamp’s wonderful blog: “I doubt that there is such a thing as a measure of spirituality —but if there is, gratitude would be it. Only the grateful are paying attention. They are grateful because they pay attention, and they pay attention because they are so grateful” (Barnes, The Pastor as Minor Poet, quoted by Douglas Wilson)
  • A baby who laughs hysterically when I hiccup
  • Soft stones under my feet in the shower
  • An almost-rainy Monday, with almost splashable puddles
  • August’s new friend Ruby who can’t stop hugging and kissing
  • August “wearing” Ruby’s monkey on his chest, just like I wear Brooksie
  • Photos finally hung on the wall
  • A Saturday morning of quiet reading while Chris took August for a donut and some errands
  • Celebrating time change! I love shaking things up a bit…even if it makes my kids wake up too soon. (I’m an ENFP…I can’t help it.)
  • Getting to share a box of those Tiff’s Treats with the neighbor
  • Listening to Rich Mullins sing “The River” while I ran on Saturday. Yes, not the most running-friendly song. But I can’t believe how much I love it every time I listen.
  • Deciding with my husband that Saturday was the best Saturday we’ve ever spent when we didn’t do anything important.
  • My cat’s lazy snoring on a Monday afternoon
  • Learning to cook vegetarian
  • My Couch to 5K goal of running in the Boyett sibling Thanksgiving race and my actually running two days in a row this weekend (after eating a Tiff’s Treat, of course).
  • The vroom and zoom and brrrrrm of that little boy playing in the living room. How does one human have so much play inside him?

It’s Thankful Tuesday. What’s on your list?


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