I’m thinking “Pretty Christmas”

Oh yes, I wish I were crafty.

I have a mother who is crafty. And a sister-in-law who is crafty. So many of my friends are crafty-baby-hat/baby-sweater-knitters. Last night I sighed dramatically on the couch next to Chris and said, “Maybe I could learn to knit.” My husband raised his eyebrow. And not in a “You can do it!” sort of way.

I know, I know. I dream of making sweetly glued things with shiny buttons and woven pretties. But all my tries have failed…all my life long. Crafting is not my gift.

That said, I’m thinking about Christmas. (Did you know I love Christmastime? I LOVE it.) I want to have a beautiful home of Christmas sweetness. Maybe I can do it this year! Maybe Pinterest will give me what I need to make the Beautiful. Or maybe I’ll just show you these things I pinned onto my “Pretty Christmas” board  and you can agree with me that they’re cute and you can do it. If you do it, I’ll at least feel like I’ve offered something to the world of the handmade.









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  • http://fromtheheart-anna.blogspot.com Anna

    I love the nativity by trendy treehouse too. Ive seen it around- you can do these things…… really. You can do it!!!!

  • http://fromtheheart-anna.blogspot.com Anna

    PS the pleated poppy wreath…. reminds me of Starbucks decorations a few years ago. I have been saving bits of yarn to make that wreath. I want to use just shades of blues and whites so that it can be more “winter decorations” since I like leaving Christmas up until after three kings day- our adopted daughter is from Ecuador…. and leave my nativity collection out until Feb. (the true expression of love)

  • http://www.facebook.com/callie.78 Callie Raykhonov

    made me chuckle, I *feel* your pain!! I have such lovely visions in my mind, but my hands refuse to cooperate in craftiness. And my mom and sister are like wizards of beauty and decor. (They got all the good talents, I just got the talent for starting awkward conversations on God and politics) I bet you could totally pull of that nativity though! Don’t forget to check out the lights at 35th street this year btw. Austin Christmas tip for you. And Main Street Bethleham in Burnet is also supposed to be great if you don’t mind the drive.

  • http://blackpurlsknitpickings.blogspot.com Alida

    I love that nativity and I have it pinned too! I am going to check out the recipe on those cookies…those look fun to make.


  • Lauren

    Oh, I hear you. I have a whole Pinterest board called ‘Crazy Mama Projects’ dedicated to all things crafty that i love but will likely never do. Tis fun to dream!


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