I’m thinking “Pretty Christmas”

Oh yes, I wish I were crafty.

I have a mother who is crafty. And a sister-in-law who is crafty. So many of my friends are crafty-baby-hat/baby-sweater-knitters. Last night I sighed dramatically on the couch next to Chris and said, “Maybe I could learn to knit.” My husband raised his eyebrow. And not in a “You can do it!” sort of way.

I know, I know. I dream of making sweetly glued things with shiny buttons and woven pretties. But all my tries have failed…all my life long. Crafting is not my gift.

That said, I’m thinking about Christmas. (Did you know I love Christmastime? I LOVE it.) I want to have a beautiful home of Christmas sweetness. Maybe I can do it this year! Maybe Pinterest will give me what I need to make the Beautiful. Or maybe I’ll just show you these things I pinned onto my “Pretty Christmas” board  and you can agree with me that they’re cute and you can do it. If you do it, I’ll at least feel like I’ve offered something to the world of the handmade.




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"Happy for you, dear Micha. And I love the new space!!"

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