Mysterious Jaguar Thankful

A Thankful Tuesday List:

  • A boy who said this last night at bedtime: “I know a mysterious jaguar. He’s my friend. His name is Pikong. That stands for ‘pink songs’ because he likes pink things, like pink songs and pink doors and pink windows.”
  • Cousins dressed as a skeleton baby, a fairy, a dragon slayer, an adorable cat, a zombie triathlete, a jabberwockie, and a 6th grader who doesn’t dress up anymore. I love my nieces and nephews and I’m so thankful my boys got to spend this Halloween with them.
  • Brisket and sweet potatoes
  • My husband’s enthusiasm for whatever he’s passionate about at the moment and how that enthusiasm has been passed on to our little boy, who can’t believe his luck at “so much candy!” and “even chocolate!” and “look, orange candy!” and “this candy is smushy!”
  • A baby who has officially entered the “cry when mama walks away phase” and who has begun signing “milk” when he can’t find me anymore. I love that my name is synonymous with his favorite (and only) drink.
  • Heading home today! For the airplane waiting to take us, the husband I haven’t seen in 7 days, the house still longing for some photos on its walls and the empty pantry that will be filled by Tuesday night.
  •  Parents who throw the world’s best Halloween party for their grand kids every year, full of crafts, games, pumpkin cake-pops and prizes. They are the best.
  • A brother who dressed as my dad for Halloween: felt goatee, tucked in denim shirt with his architecture firm’s logo, and a spot on imitation of his walk.
  • Family near enough to spend Halloween with.
  • Little boys put to bed in their matching glow-in-the-dark skeleton jammies. I hope I’ve taken some mental pictures of my sweet 7 month old in his crib with florescent bones glowing from his body.

Happy Thankful Tuesday and first day of November. What are you thankful for?

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