For those of us who need Good News…

On Fridays I usually post a poem that I’ve read that week or that has moved me in same way. (It’s my effort to force you all to read poetry and like it! You’re allowed to roll your eyes now.)

But today, instead of a poem, I’m posting a video I discovered this week through Seth Haines‘ tumblr. I watched it on Tuesday afternoon and cried. Then I watched it with my husband on Tuesday night and cried. Then I played it again on Wednesday morning and August watched it with me and I cried. He said: “That’s a good video, Mom.” I can’t stop watching it because all I want is to hear Manning’s sweet voice asking me again: “Do you believe that God loves without condition or reservation and loves you this moment as you are and not as you should be?” Such words.

So, take this gift: a brief glimpse into the teaching of Brennan Manning, who, when I read him my senior year of high school, was the first person to whisper the deep, boundless love of God to my tired, striving, good girl heart. I love Brennan Manning for giving me Ragamuffin Gospel. And, even if you don’t know him or his teaching, you will want to after you watch this.


His memoir All is Grace is next on my reading list. I promise to write about it when I’m finished…


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  • Addie Zierman

    Love him. Thanks for this. (Nothing like a 7:45am sobfest.)

  • Seth

    The old Brennan saying, “come now my love…” It gets me every time.

  • John

    Micha, I bet I’ve watched it at least fifty times, and each time brings tears…thanks…grace, always grace.

  • Nancy French

    I am confused… Is this a man who was once healthy but is now older and sick? Was that the same man? Sorry — I feel I’m a page behind!!

  • michaboyett

    No problem, Nancy! Yes, that’s the same man, Brennan Manning, who wrote the books I was talking about. It’s his voice in the background as well…

  • HopefulLeigh

    Wow! I didn’t expect to respond as emotionally as I did. Grateful for Brennan’s words and ministry.