Lament and Faith and Childhood: Why my kid and I read the sad Psalms

A year and a half ago, when my son first dreamed that a walrus (yes, I said a walrus) had entered his closet and rummaged around, I could not make that screaming child feel safe again, no matter what I tried.

First, I lied about my own power: Look! I have Walrus spray! I’ll just spray your closet and he’ll never want to come back.

Then, I made up a story to explain it all: Oh, I talked to the walrus and he’s super sorry, buddy. He meant to go to the apartment down the street where his friend lives and he’s really sad that he scared you. Don’t worry; he’ll never come back.

Finally, over the course of weeks, I told him the truth: Honey, I can’t promise that the walrus will never come again. But I promise that God loves you and he’s always protecting you…


I’m guest posting today over at Rachel Held Evans’ blog. Click here to read the rest.

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