Thankful Tuesday: Olympics, Karolyi, Family Dinner

Yesterday morning my husband let me sleep while he got up with the kids (for the second day in a row!). So, at seven, Chris woke me with coffee in his hand. I sat in my bed and read this: “Be joyful in the Lord, all you lands; serve the Lord with gladness and come before his presence with a song” (Psalm 110:1)

I love that: Choose joy. Come out singing.

Here’s what I’m grateful for:

  • Has anyone ever been more grateful for the Olympics? Love it. I love the cheesy NBC drama-making. I love the music and the anxious watching. I love finding my favorites and cheering for them and making my kids chant U-S-A! at the dinner table. I LOVE the Olympics.
  • I also love following Jen Hatmaker on Twitter. Everything she tweets about the Olympics is cracking me up. And you should follow her too.
  • Chris buying me a digital antenna so I could actually watch the Olympics. (Live!) (On my TV!) This whole live TV thing is pretty great.
  • Getting to watch Bela Karolyi get all worked up about the whole “only two women from each country can go to the All-Around Competition” rule. He’s right, by the way. Jordyn Weiber should totally be in the All-Around. We should all be enraged about that rule!
  • Getting back into a routine at my house
  • Family dinners
  • Watching gymnastics with my kid
  • The amazing babysitter, Caroline, who tells my kids about Jesus and unloaded the dishwasher yesterday
  • Kristin Lavransdatter, which I’m FINALLY reading, and loving. (Thanks Christina.)
  • The red cheeks of my kids and their neighbor friends running in the 98 degree heat of the six o’clock hour
  • Conversations with neighbors
  • That Brooksie is so feisty he keeps walking across the coffee table when I’m not looking. (So far, putting him in “The Sad Chair” is not working.)
  • Sweet Eliza’s first birthday
  • Family swimming at Deep Eddy
  • Early bedtimes
  • Sweet readers who pray for me and encourage me and offer me cheesy casseroles if we didn’t live thousands of miles from each other. I’m thankful for this community.


It’s Thankful Tuesday, friends. What’s on your list? (Put your link in the comments!)

  • Charlotte Eden Orth

    I am thankful today that my husband took a day trip and I have the house to myself all day!

  • Callie

    Thankful for the smell of a newly opened can of coffee (and the taste!)
    Thankful for the Olympics too and seeing my boys cheer together
    Thankful for childcare and a/c at the gym
    Thankful for getting to see my friends at Bible study tonight
    Thankful for a job that I can do from home (and yes I did stay in bed today till the last moment before I had to log-in, and yes I’m still in pajamas)
    Thankful that though Austin summer is now reminding us of what it can dish out, we were blessed with such a mild (by our standards) one till now

  • Jeannie

    Thanks for your post. I really enjoy your blog. There is something so sweet & a bit unreal about feeling part of a little community with someone I don’t even know. I’m an introvert, I struggle with special needs kids, I feel alone sometimes. I wrote the following post on my own blog last Tuesday and it seems very apropos for a Thankful Tuesday.

    Unfortunately I probably could have written it this Tuesday as well. Lord have mercy.

  • sillydoodah (dawn)

    Live Olympics! Too cool! We don’t have a TV, and our Internet is too lame for us to even watch video. Pffft. But, I too follow Jen Hatmaker, and its awesome. I feel like am there. I talked about that in my post today, too:

    Welcome home, and may you continue to grieve well, friend. Ditto on the cheesy casserole.

  • Beth

    I’m thankful for:
    -Little girls that grow up way to fast
    -the start of school, I need a break
    -new opportunities to grow and learn
    -new jobs so money isn’t a worry
    -chores being done with out fits
    -being able to say it’s a mess but it’s ok,” I don’t need to live in a display home” and know that is what well used homes look like
    -the chance to help others because I was nudged by God and I can
    -for Dr.’s who can put a name to my ailments and help me cope
    -for a messy house to clean
    -for friends who go on walks and complain like sailors so I don’t feel alone in my frustrations
    -for blogger’s who form gathering on there sites and remind me to be thankful
    -for grief, because with out the low’s we can’t have the high’s
    Thank you for sharing with me and letting me share with you