Thankful Tuesday: Preschool Bravery and Gut-Laughing

Yesterday was August’s first day at his new preschool. He was scared. And it is an afternoon program so he spent the morning mentally and emotionally terrified and I spent the morning trying to do everything in my power to take his mind off the severe anxiety. (I think he inherited his worried nature from his mother. No comment.)

When I left he was in tears. Then I went to drop off paperwork in the preschool’s office and I ended up crying in the arms of the sweet administrator (who I’m thinking I should invite to see a movie with me or something). She was very kind. I cried because she said, “August has been through a lot in the past few weeks.”

Then she said, “You have too…”

Oh, great. Now I’m going to snot all over your shirt even though all I wanted was drop off his Medical Release Form.

However, I picked up him up from school just as the rain had passed by and the sun was shining. And there he was on the playground playing and smiling. And we walked back to the car, August jumping in puddles and Brooksie whining to get out of his position in the carrier on my back. I said, “Can you believe it! God made you brave!”

August said, “Yeah!” And we thanked God right there walking down the sidewalk, for courage and big steps and new friends.

He picked pancakes for his First Day of School Dinner. That’s probably a bullet point on my Thankful List because they were made by the Mister and were absolutely delicious.


  • Gut-laughing with my husband last night over ridiculous things. And our new rule that one night a week we can’t have our computers on our laps.
  • Homemade pizza with old friends and five little boys Sunday night
  • Being able to put the names of friends down on my son’s San Francisco emergency contacts form.
  • The joke I made up in the car when August was freaking out about school, where we thought of all the crazy things his brother would say (from his 20 word vocabulary) if he were August’s preschool teacher. You had to be there. August laughed so hard he teared up. It was the greatest.
  • Antibiotics
  • Trader Joe’s dark chocolate (organic, purple wrapper, 73%)
  • The encouragement I felt from your comments yesterday. Thanks friends.
  • How much better I feel when I pick up the house
  • Moonrise Kingdom being a fantastic movie/watching it with my husband on a Monday night
  • The flowers in the vase in the living room that Chris brought me when I had that Sad Day last week
  • The miracle of my early bedtime and early rising. I think I’m finally becoming a grown up.

What about you? What are you thankful for?

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  • Nancy

    I’m thankful for your lovely blog, and your honesty, and love, and tears and the great line (think I will have to have someone cross stitch it): “Can you believe it? God made you brave!” I am also grateful, in a less bullet-pointed way, for unexpected phone calls over at

    • michaboyett

      Oh! The moment my words are in cross stitch I’ll know I’m a real writer! : ) Thanks so much, Nancy. I’m really looking forward to reading your post.

  • Shannon

    I would love to hear one of the phrases you and August came up that the pre-school teacher would say with Brooksie’s new words. :) Also, Moonrise Kingdom! We watched it on Sunday night. I’m thankful for Wes Anderson’s freakishly awesome art direction in all of his movies.

  • Tanya Marlow

    “God made you brave”

    More than all the parenting books I have read, it’s snippets like that from you that I treasure up and try and put into practice myself. Thank you, wise lady.

  • Rebecca

    Today I’m thankful too! On the right day even!!!!

    I’m glad things are going smoothly with your move back to SF Micha! It’s so hard to uproot and redo when you have to be the foundation to carry those little guys along too. Thank God for all of the friends and support network you get to move back into!

  • Cathy

    I’m thankful you love my daughter and her friends so well! – “Rachael’s Mom” :)

  • Dawn

    Trader Joes dark chocolate. Oh yes. We always grab the slave-free Belgian one at the check stand. I think the wrapper is green. You know what is awesome? Melting one of those babies into a half pint of whole milk (or better yet half and half). Oh, Lordy. European chocolate that almost compares with Cafe de la Presse.
    And “Moonrise Kingdom”. Too sweet. When we’re feeling smoochy, my husband and I occasionally say to each other, “Thanks for marrying me. I’m glad I got to know you.”
    My thankfuls are up at

  • Jeannie

    I’m thankful for really interesting, well-written, life-giving blogs like this and a couple of others I follow. As an introvert who works at home teaching an online university course (I don’t THINK that’s why they hired me, but hmmm…..!?), I like the sense of community these blogs create — and I’m always touched and taught by them. This is one of my favourites, so thanks!

  • Gail Hatch

    I am thankful that God made me and our family “brave” on so many different occasions during our three big moves with our three treasured children long ago! And little did we know that those moves were preparing them for their own grown up moves someday as they are now in their own far away from home places as adults and mommies like you. Your blog today has reminded me of God’s on going faithfulness in the late 70s and ’80′s while making one trans-Atlantic and 2 cross country moves only to land back in the Bay Area where we started from. There were times that I thought my heart would dissolve in sadness each time we pulled out of the driveway for the last time. But always the Holy Spirit showed up to greet us in our new home with new smiles to meet and new places to discover. I am grateful for each place and the amazing people God has brought into our lives because of those moves! I appreciate your inviting us to reflect and give thanks and am another fan of those dark organic chocolate bars in the purple wrappers! Happy settling in!

  • Mark Allman

    I used to visit our daughter at kindergarten and when I would go to leave she would grab my leg and hang on and cry for me to stay. Needless to say I felt like crying to at that response. I was thankful that we meant so much to each other at the same time as wanting her to know it would be ok to be without me or her mom at times. I tried to be honest with her and tell her that yes it would hurt but she would learn to handle it and would be fine in the future. I also gave her incentive to be brave when I left by telling her I would get her that rolling skating doll that was popular at the time.

    I always felt I wanted to tell them the truth so they could trust me. For example when we went to the doctor they wanted to know if the shot was going to hurt. I told my kids “yes it is going to hurt and maybe pretty bad for a short while”. They accepted that when I told them that even though it was going to hurt that I was going to be with them the whole way through.