Thankful Tuesday: sun through the windows, afternoon snuggles, Korean Spa

I’m late getting this post written today because I had a Girls Night Out with my friend Anne last night. She introduced me to the amazingness of the Korean Spa and then we had Indian food. Not bad for a Monday night. I’m thankful for a night on the town with a friend. And for…

  • My niece Samantha who is on her way into this world as we speak. We’re all so excited to have a new tiny baby (a girl!) in our family.
  • This post from Kathy Keller on “Why the City is a Wonderful Place to Raise Children.”  I don’t think I’ve ever shared it here but I keep going back to it and reminding myself of it. Yesterday’s post reminded me to read it again.
  • Time with Liz yesterday afternoon
  • Finding an amazing woman to be our babysitter so I can write a couple of afternoons a week
  • The sun through the windows in our new living room
  • Brooksie snuggles after his afternoon nap
  • Long shopping lists and the joy of a morning trip to Target. (Love Target. Cannot help it.)
  • A weekend filled with friends instead of house projects. (Seriously, moving into a city where you already have friends is a great idea, even if you never have time to find rugs for your floors.)
  • I’m still thankful for our garage
  • I’m still thankful for our double jogging stroller and the chance to run back and forth to August’s school
  • August getting brave enough to go down slides he never would have touched a month ago
  • Early mornings with coffee and blankets on the couch
  • Brooksie’s long babbling stories full of secret toddler words I do not understand
  • My husband’s sense of style. I love that I can leave him in charge of finding a rug for living room and I don’t have to bear that pressure.

It’s Thankful Tuesday! What are thankful for today? List or link

  • Jeannie

    Thanks again for the inspiration and for reminding us to be thankful for small things. I posted on my blog (above) about my thankfulness for my son’s doctor’s appointment this morning: short wait in waiting room, encouraging conversation with doctor, one less medication to take, pretty cooperative boy … all good.

  • Lynette Yoes

    Joining for the first time today, thanks for hosting! Lovely list of thankfulness.

  • Kyndra

    A good babysitter is worth so much! I finally have one again. She lives next door and takes three children (5,4, 2.5) to the playground and runs them around every week so I can have three hours to think…Such a blessing..I’m glad you found one too….K

  • Nancy

    My list includes friends and husbands too! But the day is almost done and for that I am grateful as lwell!