Thankful Tuesday: Sky! Sky!

  • Coffee in the middle of a tired day
  • Brooksie’s current obsession with the sky
  • One of our new family resolutions: Sharing our “highs and lows” during every dinner. (And laughing at Brooks’ responses: “What was the best part of your day, Brooksie? Sky! What was the hardest part of your day? Sky!)
  • Finishing Kristin Lavransdatter last week. Don’t you love the achy feeling of ending a good book and knowing those characters are going to live with you for the rest of your days? (PS I need to talk to any of you who read this book about the end. I can’t stop thinking about what Ulf said to the priest! Thoughts?)
  • Reading Slate’s TV clubs for all my favorite shows: Downton Abbey, Parenthood, and (I cannot get enough of this one) Nashville. (Is anybody else out there obsessed with Nashville?)
  • The satisfaction of finally having a rug at the kitchen sink. It’s the small things people.
  • Friends like Cecelia and Steve, who went to the museum with the four of us and played “pass the stroller” in the courtyard until we got in trouble. (Good times.)
  • Last week my friend Bo had emergency open heart surgery. I’m grateful for his community of friends who prayed for him. I’m grateful for friends on Twitter and Facebook who would pray for my friend, a stranger to them. I’m grateful for amazing surgeons and the miracle of what they can do for our bodies. Bo is doing well and healing up. Thankful thankful.
  • For drawers in the boys’ room! (Their clothes have been in baskets since we moved in. Sigh of relief.)
  • For how much my boys love their babysitter
  • Sunday night Chris and I sat down and worked through the intimidating task of listing our top ten choices for elementary schools for August next year. The public school district in San Francisco has a very complicated lottery system. I’ve been trying to dissect it since we came back but I’ve been overwhelmed. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to watch my husband spend four hours reading and sorting and making charts. (I heart charts that someone else makes and I can just read.) I’m thankful I have a husband who works through the confusing choices with me.
  • For a fridge full of groceries
  • For little boys who still need their mommy to wipe their noses and hike up their droopy drawers. I know this stage is short.


It’s Thankful Tuesday. What’s on your list?

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  • Rebecca

    I’m thankful for my daughter who turns five today!!!!

    • michaboyett

      Yay! Happy happy birthday to her!

  • Shanna

    This probably should not surprise me as much as it does, but, Micha, WE HAVE ALL THE SAME FAVORITE TV SHOWS! Haha! Super psyched to go read the links you mentioned!

    • michaboyett

      I love it, Shanna. : )

  • Dawn Wright

    A friend of mine has done “best and worst” with her family since their children were tiny, and it’s been an powerful way for their family to connect and share their hearts with each other. It’s also helped her kids become comfortable talking with adults, which is rare these days, because they will sometimes do this when they have guests for dinner. As her kids move into their teenage years, this ability (and desire) to open up and share and to listen to others sharing is invaluable! Imagine 14 year old boys who WANT to share the rough parts of their day with their family!

    My thankfuls are up too–

    • michaboyett

      Dawn, I’ve loved doing it so far. August is sharing things with us about school that we could never have gotten him to share otherwise. “How was school?” just doesn’t do it for him. But “What was the hardest part of your day?” sure does. I’m so glad to hear that it’s worked so well for your friend. I was thinking about that too…how much I hope my boys will be willing to really share their lives with us when they’re older.

  • Amy B

    Have you ever thought of using to make this a true linkup? Just a thought. Don’t care either way, love Thankful Tuesday.

    My thankfuls:

    • michaboyett

      Hey Amy, thanks for loving Thankful Tuesday! I did use a linky thing for a month or so about a year ago. But it was only free for that long and I did not have the monies to keep it going. Any chance you know of a free linky?

      • Amy B

        I didn’t realize it wasn’t free! Bummer. Funny how in this age of the internet my default assumption is that things are free. I don’t know of a free linky, but if I come across one I will let you know. :)

  • SaraBeth

    I’m thankful for finding this blog, shared with me this summer by a fellow Young Life staff. Thank you for taking time to write, encouraged and thankful.

    • michaboyett

      Thanks for being here, SaraBeth. It means a lot.

  • Haley

    1. Obsessed with Nashville.
    2. Moved 4 months ago, still dying for a mat in front of the kitchen sink. :)

    • michaboyett

      Haley, I’m so happy you love Nashville. I just want to listen to Scarlett and Gunnar sing and stare in each other’s eyes all day. Also, YOU JUST HAD A BABY!!! Congrats, friend.

  • emily wierenga

    my husband and i are in love with parenthood. i will have to check out nashville. i LOVE “sky, sky”.

    • michaboyett

      Emily, I’m so happy to see you here! You watch Nashville and report back, okay? It’s the best combo: soapy music drama and lots of lovely singing from people in cute shoes.

  • Haley

    Yes I did! And she’s pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself. :)

    Your summary of Nashville is perfect: music, drama, fabulous shoes. Yes, please!