And the winner is…

Remember how Matt Appling guest-posted this past Monday about his new book Life After Art?

I asked you all to leave a comment about how you’re trying (or would like to try) to bring creativity into your responsible, grown-up life. I loved the responses. Thanks so much for sharing.

I did a Very Official Drawing all alone in my office with no one around to make sure I wasn’t cheating. And the winner is…


Sarah Dunning Park!!!!


Sarah, I’ll send you an email and Matt will send the book your way. And I hope everybody will take a moment to check out Matt’s book.

  • Sarah Dunning Park

    Oh, I am so very, very excited about this!!! I never win things! Thank you so much, Micha and Matt!

  • Rebecca

    Congratulations Sarah!

  • Angela

    Micha, not sure how to communicate with you apart from your comment section, but I saw this today, and thought you would be very interested…

    Have a great weekend!