{This Sacred Everyday} Jason Boyett

I’m happy to welcome my brother, Jason Boyett, here to Mama:Monk for the very first time. He’s one of my biggest life-heroes. And I’m thrilled to share him with you. PawPaw’s Last Painting A week ago today, Micha and I spoke at our grandfather’s memorial service, as I’m sure you’re aware. From her blog posts to our brother’s twitter feed [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Olympics, Karolyi, Family Dinner

Yesterday morning my husband let me sleep while he got up with the kids (for the second day in a row!). So, at seven, Chris woke me with coffee in his hand. I sat in my bed and read this: “Be joyful in the Lord, all you lands; serve the Lord with gladness and come [Read More…]

My food…

Yesterday after lunch, August and Chris were sleeping together in my bedroom while I cleaned up the kitchen and Brooksie snoozed in his crib. Then, I clanged something too loud (as usual) and woke my baby in the next room. There went my hour to write. So, while Brooksie ate his mac n’cheese, I sat [Read More…]

What’s saving my life this week.

This week my friend Sarah Bessey asked the question at her blog: What’s saving your life right now? Grief is a strange thing, isn’t it? It’s so deep and wild and untamable. And it wakes up whenever it wants to and leaves you with your face in your hands in the dark bedroom on the [Read More…]

Rivers and Roads: On Saying Goodbye

I have to leave today. Noon. I’ve packed and planned. It’s been a long visit that coincided with his stroke and I have watched him shrivel. In fact, I’ve watched him shrivel for five years now. Maybe more. Of course, he’s almost 90 years old: A long good life. A life that could have been [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Erin Lane

Today you get to hear from Erin Lane, who became my friend the first year we lived in San Francisco. Chris and I had a good nine months of hanging out with Erin and her husband before they left for the other coast, where Erin began seminary at Duke. Since then, I read everything she [Read More…]