Homelessness and Contradiction

I’ve always understood that I have a soft heart for the homeless. I don’t say that in some self-congratulatory way. In fact, in some ways I find the business of engaging and caring for the homeless people I come in contact with much more difficult because of that. I wish I were one of those [Read More...]

Confessing Fear

Yesterday during time of confession in our worship service, I ran my mind over my past week and realized that if I’ve had a pattern of brokenness in my life the past few days, it’s been in the form of fear. As a hormonal mama who wants nothing more than to make our little nest [Read More...]


“How Meditation May Change the Brain,” an article published in the New York Times last Friday has remained one of their most emailed articles throughout this week of insane news. Despite the craziness of winter weather across the country and the intensity of the Egyptian riots, people have been drawn to an article about how [Read More...]

Thankful Like Mayonnaise!

Last night, after receiving a package of new trains and cars sheets for August’s bed (he’s been sleeping with our grown-up plain tan ones) from my parents, August and I were making his bed. I said, “Let’s spread this out.” He said, “Let’s spread it like mayonnaise!” My sweet, dear friends in my Bible study [Read More...]

How motherhood has changed me.

Micha, isn’t that what you’re whole blog is about? Okay. That’s fair. Perhaps this post should simply be titled, “How motherhood has changed how I watch movies.”  Or, “What’s just not worth it anymore.” Or, “How my husband and I had a big fight last Friday night after I made him turn off our Netflix [Read More...]

Mommy Fundies

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers and authors, Rachel Held Evans, wrote a post titled: “Why Moms Sorta Scare Me,” in which she compared the current culture of motherhood to fundamentalism. She explained that as she, a happily married woman of 29, nears the age of baby-making, she doesn’t fear the idea of children, she [Read More...]

Weakness and Acceptance

There’s a point in pregnancy when you suddenly think: “Something’s wrong with me!” Of course, the something wrong is actually the reality that a five pound human has invaded your entire body and you can’t get away from him. He shows up in how you walk (here comes Ms. Puddleduck), in how you react to [Read More...]

My Unintentional Techno-Fast

It’s been eleven days since I flew from Philadelphia to San Francisco. That also means it’s been eleven days since I had any contact with my phone. Through a series of unfortunate postal service events, it is in transit, (hopefully!) returning to Philadelphia soon, where it will be shipped back to me again. Of course, [Read More...]

Tiger Mother Thankful

Yes, of course I read all 18 thousand of the Tiger Mother articles last week. How could I not have noticed? My sweet husband has me set up for some major “mother” search engines around here. The thing is, I couldn’t think of what I needed to say about Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of the [Read More...]

Praying for the Space Shuttle

I’m sure I’ve mentioned (more times than you’ve cared to know, actually) that my kid’s in love with rockets. Every crayon/remote control/dinosaur has the possibility of blasting off into space. I swear he sees the space shuttle flying by and making fire at least twice a day. (Yesterday I got him to wear a new [Read More...]