Micha tries to write about music…

I don’t consider myself a “music person.” I love music and I always have. It moves me and speaks to me, though usually, it’s the lyric that lingers longest in my heart. ¬†Though I have spent a good portion of my life dancing in my closet while simultaneously buttoning my shirt and using my toothbrush [Read More…]

Poem-a-Day Friday: Robert Lowell

I have this very heavy, beautiful, hard covered block of pages, also known as Robert Lowell’s Collected Poems.¬†Chris gave it to me for Christmas nine years ago and there’s something about it–Its beauty? Its big words? Its scholarly poet on the front cover?–that makes me scared too really get into it. And that’s crazy because [Read More…]

Lots of changes, all of them good…

Two and a half years ago, when I moved to San Francisco, I had a 15-month-old and I had just left the job I most loved in the world. I was lonely and anxious and I had this tiny little seed of an idea in my head. It had to do with the books I’d [Read More…]

{Practicing Benedict} Receiving Guests, Receiving Christ

“Any guest who happens to arrive at the monastery should be received as we would receive Christ himself, because he promised that on the last day he will say: I was a stranger and you welcomed me… As soon as the arrival of a guest is announced, the superior and members of the community should [Read More…]

Good Thankful

For a sweet birthday celebration. Look at that guy in his hat! For a backyard and dear friends and good food and all these kids running around who somehow belong to us. How did that happen? For how turning one automatically makes a baby into a little man. All the sudden Brooksie is such a [Read More…]

Trade in Hope

“What is it about the human spirit that we believe we can rise again, become more than our former self told us we could be? I believed…” Those are the first words of a documentary teaser for Trade in Hope, a story about human trafficking filmed in Austin, Texas. Yes, that’s right, a documentary about [Read More…]