When I sat in front of my spiritual director last Friday, trying to relay to her how I’m overwhelmed with the sudden busyness in my life—part time job, poetry writing gig, the emotional alterations of moving, the exhaustion of pregnancy, August’s latest nap antics—I wanted to be given an answer. I always want an answer to how to live more simply, more peacefully: If I were more organized! If I could just live with less sleep! If I only had… Read more

I’m so frustrated with my pregnant self! I have so much I want and need to be doing. But it’s 10:45 on a Wednesday night and I can’t keep my eyes open. All my body wants to do is take naps and wear elastic. But, I’ve got work to do! So, as I have not come up with an idea for the blog post tonight and as I am sitting in my pjs on the bed and desperately want to… Read more

Yesterday I came across a Wall Street Journal article written about the 22 women who have held or currently hold the title of CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Interestingly enough, most of those women have children. Of the twelve current female CEOs, eleven are mothers. That’s amazing to me because it so obviously goes against most of our assumptions about successful women. (That is, in order to succeed in the professional world, a woman has to choose work over… Read more

When I packed for the cross country drive that would haul me from Texas, the only place I’d ever lived, to Syracuse, New York, my mother joked with me (a hint of begging in her voice), “Micha, please don’t date a northern boy.” My reply was in all seriousness, “Mom, why would I want to date a boy from New York?” I honestly couldn’t imagine that a boy who didn’t add ma’am or sir after his yeses or hadn’t been… Read more

Dear Faithful Reader: I am a tired, pregnant woman, with a baby inside me that does not like that I’m awake (again!) past midnight. And I’m sorry to say that I feel like a failure of a blogger this week. I’m really hoping that next week I’ll get my act together and be able to balance the whole working part time, SAHM thing. But so far, I’m a wreck who isn’t sleeping much. That’s why I will now list the… Read more

I’ve just finished preparation for leading my Mom’s Group discussion on Wednesday. We’ve been doing a study of the Gospel of Matthew and it just so happens that my day in charge has fallen on Chapter 5, the Sermon on the Mount. Seriously, we’re supposed to discuss Jesus’ most intense, beautiful and revolutionary sermon in one hour, while eating bagels? Shocking, I know. So, as much as I’m supposed to be ready to discuss the entire chapter tomorrow, I can’t… Read more

A poem for Thankful Tuesday, from the great Milosz…   It Was Winter by Czeslaw Milosz Winter came as it does in this valley. After eight dry months rain fell And the mountains, straw-colored, turned green for a while. In the canyons where gray laurels Graft their stony roots to granite, Streams must have filled the dried-up creek beds. Ocean winds churned the eucalyptus trees, And under clouds torn by a crystal of towers Prickly lights were glowing on the… Read more

This has not been an easy week for rest. Last weekend when we moved, all my crazies kicked and I unpacked like a maniac for three days straight. (My body forgot I was pregnant. Was I hungry? Sleepy? Noooooo. I just needed the towels folded and on the correct shelf.) I went from the realization that I was not, in fact, a superhero whose powers included not needing food or sleep, into a week of beginning my part time job… Read more

Lately, I’m feeling like I’m floundering in the mom department. I was on top of things when my job in shaping August’s character (like, 3 months ago) was teaching him to say “thank you” and nudging him to use “please” in an appropriate way. I was feeling proud in social situations when his sweet two year old self said “thank you” to the grown up in the room, without being coerced.   But tonight I’m recovering from a full day… Read more

It’s time for a good ole fashioned Thankful Tuesday List. (Which means you have to add your own as well.): Even though we don’t have our TV set up, we were still able to purchase (for 3 freaking dollars, come on iTunes!) Sunday’s Mad Men episode and watch it only one day late. Ahhhhh, sometimes it’s just so good to live in 2010. Did I mention how thankful I am that we had movers this past Friday? I’ve moved plenty… Read more

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