We Are About to Elect a Monarch

Embed from Getty Images The presidential election is scary. The “fright factor” of 2016 (theme: The Other Candidate is Far Worse) does not arise merely from the two seriously flawed candidates that have somehow risen to the top. People are legitimately afraid that, no matter who is elected president, our nation’s future is in genuine jeopardy. Why should a president have the capacity to destroy our nation? What kind of power goes with that office that would put freedom itself… Read more

Why Grudem Is Simply Wrong About the Supreme Court as a Basis for Voting for Trump

Wayne Grudem’s argument (it is a morally valid choice to vote for Donald Trump) is largely based on his claim that the Supreme Court would be better under a Trump presidency than a Clinton presidency. This argument has been raised as a generality countless times, but Grudem makes a series of very specific claims about the results we could expect. It turns out that Grudem fails to correctly analyze the issue in several significant ways. Although Grudem writes about multiple… Read more

Situational Ethics & Voting: Answering Wayne Grudem

Michael Farris responds to theologian Wayne Grudem on his article arguing for why Christian should vote for Donald Trump. Read more

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