10 Questions to Ask If You’re Wondering, “Am I Missional?”

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Trevin Wax over at The Gospel Coalition has extracted and expanded on 10 diagnostic questions from Jason Dukes book Live Sent: You Are A Letter to help us determine if we’re truly being missional:

  1. When you speak of church, what prepositions do you use?
  2. When you think of missions, do you think of a mission trip to a distant city and a service project in your own community or do you think about daily life among your family, neighbors, and coworkers?
  3. What is your common declaration about lost people around you? “Can you believe the way those people act?” OR “When can you come over for dinner?”
  4. Is my tendency to disengage from culture and retreat into safer, more Christian environments? Or is it to engage culture even amidst discomfort and danger?
  5. When you hear “make disciples,” do you think of a classroom or your relationships?
  6. Do you spend a lot of time wondering whether you should quit your job to surrender to ministry? Or do you simply live to minister to anyone and everyone where you are currently?
  7. When you think of a friend who needs help, do you think, “I need to get him to see the pastor” OR “I wonder what I can do to help”?
  8. When you think of heaven, do you think “kingdom come” or “kingdom is here”?
  9. Do you think godliness is measured with a mirror or within community?
  10. Do you have a lost friend who would actually introduce you as his or her friend?

What do you think? Are these questions helpful? How’d you score?

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  • http://twoemptyhands.blogspot.com scottsavage

    I don’t want to say they are unhelpful, but they do miss the first point in the whole question of “missional,” which is that this is something we first say about Triune God. It’s this kind of ecclesiocentrism that has/will inevitably turn “missional” into just another theological fad that the next generation will want to distance themselves from. Only as a THEO-logical word, first and foremost, can it help us say anything about the church. This partly why missional can mean anything, and ultimately nothing.

    • http://www.knightopia.com/blog Steve Knight

      That’s a great reminder, Scott, but I’m guessing Trevin Wax and Jason Dukes would probably agree with you and that that part is already assumed, before turning to the question of “Am *I* missional?” Yes, the first question is “Is God missional?” and so this is the second question after we’ve already answered the first.