Embrace Your Inner Artist

'painter's hands' photo (c) 2008, pixajen - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Missional church planter Susan Rogers writes, “The longer I am engaged in creating and leading a missional community … the more I believe that we all have and need to foster our artistic energies.”

She offers three pieces of advice on embracing your inner artist as a missional community host/organizer:

  • We need more failures. — “It will take lots of good ideas to land on the one that makes a difference in our churches and communities.”
  • We need to believe that what we are doing matters. — “If we believe that our work, our mission, our ministries matter, we too will find creative and passionate ways to express their importance.”
  • We need more venues for our work. — “[Artists] are constantly seeking ways to share their work, not just to be discovered, but to share their unique perspective (again, because they believe it matters).”

What do you think about Susan’s list? What would you add?

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