Meet Kathy Escobar

Kathy EscobarOne of my all-time favorite missional practitioners (who hates the word missional, by the way!) is Kathy Escobar, co-pastor of The Refuge in Broomfield, Colorado, and author of Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus (2011, Civitas Press).

Kathy has been a co-conspirator with me in the TransFORM Network for the past few years, as well, and I’m just grateful to call her a friend.

There are two Kathy-related items this week that I want to commend to all of you: first, Kathy wrote a guest post for our friend Phil Shepherd’s blog The Whiskey Preacher, in which she shares some of what’s been rattling around in her head lately. (Spoiler: Wisdom!)

Second, Kathy did a great interview with Chris Yaw over at ChurchNext.TV that I hope you’ll watch (and learn):