Vote Now for Snohomish Soap Company

Missional slactivists, it’s time to get clickin’: Chase and LivingSocial are giving away $250,000 grants to small businesses, and Cindy Todd of the Snohomish Soap Company (Snohomish, WA) is asking for your vote!

Just use your Facebook account to login and then search for “Snohomish Soap Company” and click “Vote.” Cindy (who also works with Tom and Christine Sine at Mustard Seed Associates) writes, “I’m trying to get this whole ‘parish soap’ thing off the ground. I’m competing for a grant for $250,000 which will help me do that. I need 250 votes to proceed through the preliminaries.”

Vote now for Snohomish Soap Company to win a $250,000 grant!

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