What Would Love Want to Do Here?

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It’s such a great question. It’s a very missional question. That’s the question that Sarah Bessey builds to in her recent blog post “Ringing Doorbells.” Bessey talks about the joys and challenges of doing missional youth ministry with “a few lonely kids” in her neighborhood:

“… over the years, as I’ve been committed to missional life in actual practice rather than theory, a life that seeks to be outside of structures and institutions and programs and models, centered on embodying the mission of God, my life has gotten considerably more messy and uncomfortable. …

“Sometimes this whole ‘living a missional life’ thing [has] been simplifying and exhilarating.

“Sometimes it’s been complicated, weird, and uncomfortable.

“But it’s always been transformative.”

Beware: Don’t join God’s mission unless you yourself want to be changed.

And don’t read the rest of Sarah’s blog post unless you want to be inspired to join in today!

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