Does Traditional Church Need to Be Broken for Folks to Find Abundant Life?

Tripp Hudgins launched his new show “Busted Stuff” on Sogo today with a conversation about “abundant life” and the anxiety many (especially those in the mainline) are feeling about denominational decline and the rise of the religiously unaffiliated (“nones”):

What do you think about Tripp’s suggestion that the traditional way of doing church may need to be broken and shattered?

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  • Rebecca Trotter

    One of the things which I’ve come to realize as I’ve thought about this issue is that it’s not a numbers game. Not only is it not a numbers game, but Jesus told his followers that they were to be salt and yeast. It only takes a little salt to season the dish and a bit of yeast to make the bread rise. God wins in the end. I think we’re just going through a pruning time in order to bear more good fruit going forward.