A bonus post for those of you who celebrate Ascension Day today

What in the world does the seemingly obscure theological point of Jesus ascending into heaven have to do with our work?    Laura Merzig Fabrycky of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture puts it beautifully here:

So, as you pour your coffee, perhaps reflecting on the fun or disappointments of the long Memorial Day weekend, gird your heart today for the work you will face and the tasks you will accomplish with this simple truth: Christ ascended into heaven and is enthroned. He is sovereign over your home and your workplace, over the order forms, the vacation schedules, and the cranky co-worker. As king he oversees and is accomplishing the good, redemptive, holy and hopeful work of his kingdom. His presence through the intimacy of the Holy Spirit is yours, securely and abundantly – in board meetings, in difficult or mundane conversations, in dark dungeons, and in tense court rooms. Christ ascended into heaven, and it matters for your life and your work today.

Read the rest of her post–along with some wise words from Tim Keller and N. T. Wright–at the Washington Institute page, along with another good post on the topic by D. Stephen Long.

Image: Ascención by L10Messi, used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.


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