Being From a Long Line of People Outstanding in Their Field….

Being From a Long Line of People Outstanding in Their Field…. April 10, 2018

….means you may end up contemplating Neville Longbottom and writing this poem.

“Of your charity, please pray for me.”

Pencil poised to paper, “Why?” she said.

Because they built the wall up brick by golden
brick; and when I try to speak a word

just bricks come out. Because I bear the weight
of centuries with everything I say.
Because I tried to shift the wall away
and darkness echoed down a thousand halls.
Because my name is not a common name.
Because I never truly can forget
no matter how I try to disobey;
drowned in a hundred gallons still the shades
will rise and dwarf me by how much they’ve grown.
Because I had to break my father’s wand.

“Life,” I said, and turned and went away.

Image: Pexels

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