Friday Links — January 25, 2008

  • A Saudi woman’s parents annul her marriage without her permission because they claim she “married beneath her.” Bad form!

  • A Muslim juror who wears niqab has been asked to remove it.

  • Martina Sabra looks at Islamic feminism in Morocco.

  • Qatari archer/racer Nada Zeidan urges more women to get involved in sports.

  • Senay Özdemir argues that it’s healthy for young Muslim women to experiment sexually.

  • Three Muslim women who feel their imam ignored their concerns because of their gender sue him for a breach of human rights.

  • Kadija Abdul Wahed becomes the first Qatari woman to participate in a horse race. Mashallah!
  • A review about Territories, a play that highlights how a Muslim woman might have been at the heart of the Crusades.

  • The Canadian Press looks at Caramel, an award-winning movie about a beauty salon in Beirut.
  • Kuwaiti education minister Nuriya al-Sabeeh endures a no-confidence vote against those who accuse her of corruption. SNAP!

  • Women can now stay alone in hotels in Saudi Arabia.

  • Since abortion is illegal except in rare medical cases in Malaysia, young women often take abortion pills instead.

  • Turkey moves to end its ban on hejab in universities!

  • An Iraqi refugee tells her story.

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